proposal herein outlined sets forth the exact method for control of an aircraft
bomb, classified as Barrage Type, intended to be remotely flown, thence
unerringly guided from a ground control position to its ultimate target. It is
suggested to also consider it as an artillery supplement in the laying down of
a barrage.  In several different ways it is better for long-range intensive
barrage than the huge rifles of artillery. It is contemplated to employ that
part of the radio spectrum between 70 and 200 megacycles or thereabouts.

document, from 1940, was listed with no title, and has remained classified
until December of 2016. I filed a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) for
it’s release, and it was fully granted.

Declassified Document

Proposal to the War Department for a Radio Control System for Aircraft Type
Bomb (Barrage), January 1940
[47 Pages, 6.7MB]

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