• ARAŞTIRMA DOSYASI : UFO Reporting Procedures & Regulations

AFI 10-206

The following documents were discovered by The Black Vault that pertain to reporting UFOs by the U.S. Military, Government and Commercial installations.

United States Air Force – Air Force Instruction 10-206

 Air Force Instruction 10-206. 2008 Revision with UFO references [87 Pages] – Up until 2011, the Air Force had this publication active, and UFOs remained in it to be reported.  When The Huffington Post profiled The Black Vault, and this discovery, the publication was changed within days. Reference: Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry.

 Air Force Instruction 10-206. 2011 Revision without UFO references [40 Pages, 0.4MB]

 Change log to AFI 10-206 [19 Pages, 0.3MB]

United States Air Force – Air Force Regulation 200-2

 Air Force Regulation 200-2 [8 Pages, 4.76mb] – This Regulation establishes procedures for information and evidence material pertaining to unidentified flying objects and sets forth the responsibility of Air Force activities in this regard. It applies to all Air Force Activities.

United States Air Force – UFOB

 UFOB – History of the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron, 1 Jan to 30 June 1955 [74 Pages, 3.76mb]

Department of Defense

 DoD 5040.6-M-1, October 21, 2002, Decision Logic Table Instructions for Recording and Handling Visual Information Material [64 Pages, 0.3 MB] – In this DOD manual, dated 2002 and is still on the books, references what military personnel should do given they take a photograph of a UFO.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

 ALL “UFO” References in FAA Manuals / Regulations, 2016 Release [7 Pages, 0.7MB] – In 2016, I requested all manuals and regulations that the FAA had that referenced UFOs. These are the pages I received, which do not amount to anything more than recommendations to submit UFO reports to the National UFO Reporting Center or law enforcement.

Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication (JANAP) 146(E)

 JANAP 146(E) [33 Pages]