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Complaint about some corrupt FBI agents who hurt child, framed up, falsified record, stirred up diplomatic matter !


Inspector General of United States Department of Justice, Department of Foreign Affair, Committee on Judiciary of Congress and Senate, Committee on Foreign Affair, Committee on Intelligence, Foreign Department of China and Intelligence Community of China

Dear Officer,

My name is Feng Liu. I am living in New York with my family. I am permanent resident with nationality of China. I am here reporting to you that a minority of corrupt FBI agents, such as Frank Dicarlo from New York office, have conducted illegal political persecution and personal security violation against me, my wife (naturalized US citizen) and my son (born in US) for several years (please refer to http://peopleforrights.com/). What those corrupt agents have done, might also bring in foreign affair as JFK incident in June, 2017. The persecution is originated a few years ago when some FBI agents suspected me as a spy or espionage on fabricated grounds, at the time when James Comey ran FBI. After quite a few years’ investigation, and by my attorney’s pleading, the US attorney agreed to close the investigation against me. However, those corrupt agents from James Comey and Andrew McCabe era still abused tactics of FBI’s COINTELPRO against me and my family, just beca use they need targets to work on. I am complaining those corrupt agents on below facts:

1.     Hurt Health And Personal Security Of A Child

Instigated by those corrupt agents, their informants are prone to become unbridled and less rational. My son was only seven years old at the time and he was born in U.S. The informants of those corrupt agents hit my son on his knee using their luggage on the bus on his way to school, and his wallet was stolen at the moment. Those corrupt agents have bought control the nanny who take care my son when I worked temporarily to cause trouble on me. The more frenzied and cruel abuse was – they were hurting a child’s health in order to merely harass me psychologically. During the time we suffered from harassment most drastically, they have abet the nanny to intentionally let my son sleep later, wear less in cold weather until the child felled sick with high fever. Those corrupt agents are the tatter developed when FBI run by James Comey and Andres McCabe. There are many targets of those corrupt agents countrywide. When those FBI agents hurt the innocent family and chi ldren of the targets, do they or the society have worries that the irritated targets could also trace and kill the family and children of those corrupt agents some day or even twenty years later? There are courts, judgers and justice system in the country instead of those corrupt agents' lynch law. The unbelievable underlying logic is that, in order to attack a Chinese man in U.S. (I am a permanent resident in US with Chinese nationality), those corrupt agents could actually hurt two American citizens, one is a lady and the other is a child.

2.     Frame Up, Falsify Medical Records and Conspiracy

Now, they abet the nanny file multiple lawsuits against me by fabricating facts, such as over time work, injured in the work and so on (please refer to http://seeklegalhelpforwcbclaim.site). I have presented evidence in the answer to Supreme Court of New York State, to verify their allegations don’t agree with the facts (Supreme Court of New York State Index No: 718051/2017). In the complaint, it stated that the nanny went to school to pick up the child at 2:20pm on daily basis and the child need spoon-feeding. The fact is the Principal of after-school, payment check of bank prove that after-school driver picked up and sent child to home round 6:50pm. The child is eight years old then, a grade three student of New York City’s Gift & Talent class. It’s unreasonable that the child needed spoon feeding at his age.

In order to damage my life financially, they frame me up that the nanny got injury at our home (WCB Case: G1652562). From my case folder, I noticed that, on received date of 07/26/2016, the letter from WCB has been sent to my wrong address. The wrong address had not been remedied and no letter had been resent to me for the following half year. Actually, I left USA and stayed in China exactly for that time period. And what’s odd, just a few days after I returned back to New York in February 2017, the address was corrected and I got the letter from WCB. It is unusual. And only those corrupt FBI agents knew my whereabouts clearly. I suspected they changed my address in July 2016 to wrong one when I left New York for China, and then changed back to my correct address as soon as I returned back to New York in February 2017. I think as a usual policy, when WCB found the notice letter sent to employer was returned on 7/26/2016 due to wrong address, they would check and r esend to the correct address, while not pending the case for about over half a year. I suspected those FBI agents have falsified data by hacking into the WCB computer system to manipulate the case on me.

Besides FBI changed the address to manipulate the process time line to align with my whereabouts, I believe they have falsified or are planning to falsify medical record of injury worker, particularly the first time when the injury worker visited the doctor. According to Dr. Xu’s diagnosis report on 4/20/2017 (Please refer to http://seeklegalhelpforwcbclaim.site), he made the report by reviewing patient’s MRI taken on 4/29/2016, about three months after the accident. Now, in order to remedy the three months gap between said accident date and the first time visiting doctor date, those corrupted FBI agents might have faked or plan to fake some medical record prior to 4/2016.

My attorney for the prior trial of 1/16/2018, charged me legal fee on 1/11/2018 for the trial and told me I had good chance to win the case. However, as soon as he arrived Work Comp court building on the court day, he looked nervous and told me he wanted to withdraw from the case immediately. I told him I would be willing to pay double the legal fee if he continued to represent me on the trial a few minutes later. He agreed. However, when he entered into the court room, his first statement was asking judge for withdrawing his legal service from the case. The trial could not continue and the judge had to extend it to 4/5/2018. I think under those corrupt agents’ coerce, my attorney had to reveal the critical arguments that I have given to him privately two days before, which broke the attorney-client relationship. It jeopardized his attorney career and thus the attorney was not willing to be on this case.

Furthermore, those FBI agents understood the three months gap between accident date and the first time visiting doctor was critical, they designed to stop the trial of 1/16/2018 by letting my attorney withdraw himself from the case. And then they would have time to prepare faked/falsified medical record of visiting doctor between 1/25/2016 to 4/2016.

3.     Endange My Family’s Health And Personal Security

I firmly believe the nanny who took care of my child, instigated by those corrupt agents, has put drug in milk or other food that we ate for quite a lot times. One drug made people dizzy and the other made people feel fatigued, but neither of them was deadly poisonous. The effects of both drugs are short term. The drug which makes one dizzy puts one in danger when driving. The nanny once perceived my suspicions. And I could feel her strong nervousness. Then I suspected even more. She actually volunteered “this morning I forgot to shut off the gas of stove” in order to cover up her flurried. The nanny is not of good psychology quality, and I believed she could not pass lie detector or an interview with investigators.

4.     Stirred up foreign affair and trouble beyond those agents’ responsibility

In September, 2016, I left U.S. for China, intending for a safe life and job in Shanghai. However, thousands of FBI informants have followed group by group, flying into Shanghai, continuing the Gang Stalking. I have seen informants confronted Chinese police in Shanghai subway station. It seemed turning into a matter of foreign affair which should be guided by U.S. President and US Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those corrupt FBI agents and their informants have gone so far that beyond their responsibility. Given the difficulty I faced in Shanghai, I got back to US in February 2017. And soon I found Chinese intelligence agents also got to New York in response. In JFK Incident of June 2017, according to Wall Street Journal, the Beijing officials told their American counterparts they were justified in engaging in such activities because the U.S. carries out similar operations on foreign soil as well. Indeed, they were referring to what those FBI agents have done when I r eturned back to China in September 2016. State Department officials, worried about collateral consequences for U.S. personnel in China, hesitated to approve the Justice Department’s plan to make arrests. U.S. officials couldn’t fashion a consensus to approve the plan, and the FBI agents were permitted only to confiscate the Chinese officials’ phones before the plane took off. A State Department representative said in a written statement: “Decisions on these kinds of matters are based on interagency consensus.” And later, State Department official Laura Stone said she was already facing retaliation from Beijing, saying Chinese officials had allegedly confiscated her notebook as she was trying to leave the country. State department officials criticized the FBI for not seeking permission from them before initially engaging the Chinese officials.

5.     I have been controlled by those agents, served as Guinea Pigs. And in January 2018, I was diagnosed as temporary/marked disability to total (87.5%).

I have been controlled by those corrupt agents. In May 2017, at their intelligent training center (309 W49th Street, New York, NY 10019), I was served as Guinea Pigs, suffering from psychology damage and sexual assault from support stuff of intelligence. In January, 2018, I was diagnosed as temporary marked disability to total (87.5%) (Please refer to medical report in http://peopleforrights.com/).

6.     Appeal to governments of both USA and China, Justice, Congress, Senate, and Intelligent Institutions of both USA and China

I am reporting to United States Department of Justice, Department of Foreign Affair, Committee on Judiciary of Congress and Senate, Committee on Foreign Affair, Committee on Intelligence, Foreign Department of China and Intelligence Institutions of China. Even if those corrupt agents’ scheme on me works on the trial of April 5, those corrupt agents must undertake the aftermath and responsibility of the foreign affair as JFK incident of 2017. When I stayed in China in 2016, I have reported my situation to National Securities Department of China. Intelligence agents of Chinese know clearly what happens in New York now. Or, as my attorney said, if FBI deems I am guilty of any offense, please arrest me and commence a proceeding; if not, please respect my civil rights.


Feng Liu

E: liukevin2001@gmail.com   

C: 646 717 5863

Forest Hills, NY 11375